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Standing out in the crowd

A Transport Service That Cares

Walking into the yard, the parked trucks all seem new while all drivers and Vosma employees sport company clothing. We are a tightly knit group, both in and out of the working environment. 

Mr. Vos believes that happy and motivated personnel and vehicle maintenance are pillars a successful transport company is built on and they have systems in place to make sure that neither of these aspects are neglected. 



On the maintenance side each truck that pulls into the yard follows a specific ritual before it gets parked. Under the watchful eye of Vossie's brother, Marius, each truck gets refuelled and washed before it moves into the workshop for maintenance or a scheduled service, done by Marius himself.

Only after everything is checked and re-checked the truck may be parked, ready for its next load.We have never lost an engine and had a zero breakdown record in 2012, while 2013 produced a single incident when a truck had some air loss – a minor problem close to base that was solved quickly.

Apart from the constant maintenance at base the trucks get a major service from Volvo every 100 000km. A typical truck will have a working life of 5 years at Vosma before it gets replaced. In that time it would have done around 400 000 to 600 000km.

Our fleet consists of Volvo trucks. Volvo trucks suit our business not only because of their low maintenance, but also because of their longer chassis and heavy duty differentials, which makes a difference in permit prices.

Operating with abnormal loads in the Western Cape is no laughing matter: each province has its own governance and legislation and the Western Cape is particularly strict. Only one item may be transported on one vehicle with one permit, and each vehicle needs an abnormal permit for both ways, loaded and empty.

The bureaucratic red tape is a pain, but also a blessing in disguise as some operators from other provinces avoid the Western Cape leaving the door open for companies like Vosma.

But in a business like this it's the loads that need to be moved that keep things interesting. Vosma's walls are lined with photos of unusual cargo moved: boats, helicopters, tanks, heavy machinery, huge pieces of art even.

In 2012 they transported unique vehicles built for the blockbuster film Mad Max (starring our own Charlize Theron) from Walvis Bay to Cape Town, and later to Kouga near Port Elizabeth. Anything up to 10m wide, 24m long and up to 100 tons can be moved and Vosma boasts a 100% success delivery record.

Looking at the photos of the different cargo, loading, moving and unloading big and sometimes sensitive equipment, surely a lot of stress must be involved?
Vossie laughs: "After years in the business you get used to it. It's all in a day’s work at Vosma."

Tranporting Helicopters, Earth Moving Machines, Boats, any larger items. We cut your downtime to the minimum.

Any Where Any Size

Stepdeck Trailers

Rollback Trailers

Tri-Axle Trailers

Extendable Trailers

Lowbeds Trailer

Ext Lowbeds


Escourt Vehicles



Bigger is better


Stopping Traffic

With numerous loads we have literally stopped traffic. From loads up to 8 meters wide, traffic officers and escort vehicles, moving your large item is a breeze for

Vosma Vervoer.


Dawn Patrol

Sculpted by Bruce Little,
Dawn Patrol is a limited-edition piece and just three versions of the 8m-long, 4.3m-high bronze African lion will be produced.
We moved 2 of these beauties that was exported overseas for an auction, at actor and film producer Leonardo DiCaprio’s glitzy gala fundraiser for environmental conservation and climate change research.


Mad Max Movie

Vosma Moved the Mad Max movie cars from Namibia to South Africa in December 2012. 

With a fleet of 23 trucks we safely transported the cars back to cape town​. And then redelivered them to Kouga for a re-shoot. 


It all started with Humble beginnings, and turned into a larger than expected dream.

Catering for a niche market usually means specializing in a tiny piece of the total market, but for Vosma Vervoer their small piece of the market is literally, huge.

For CJ Vos (Vossie), the owner of Vosma Vervoer, the journey to success started way back in his army days when as a serviceman he moved his first abnormal load in 1984. An experience that, unbeknownst to him at the time, probably shaped his future.

Continuing his career in trucking after his service days, he joined SA Railways and Harbours where his experience in moving abnormal loads served him well.

During the construction phase of Mossgas he was part of the team that moved a 450 ton load from Mossel Bay to the construction site. At 98,45m long, 8,71m wide and 9,26m high it set the record for the biggest and heaviest load transported in South Africa. On this trip CJ Vos met his life partner in Cape Town. With Mrs. Vos background in office administration working for Sanlam, she now heads the accounts department at Vosma, while CJ Vos keeps a tight hand on the day to day running of the business. 

Vossie's big break came in 1992. He bought his first ERF truck through an Owner/Operator scheme, a move that paved his way to independence. He worked for Rail and Harbours under this scheme, driving his own truck with the CB handle ‘Strandlopertjie’. Five years later he started his own Transport Company and Vosma Vervoer was born.

Today, 17 years later, Vosma Vervoer specializes in moving abnormal loads all over South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Their fleet consist of 23 trucks, extendible low-bed trailers with air suspension and several escort vehicles, all pristinely maintained. 


021 982 4203

Accounts : Christoff Coetzee  accounts @ vosmavervoer.co.za

Debtors Clerk: L. Bosch lourissa @ vosmavervoer.co.za

Creditors Clerk:  Y. Bosch yolande @ vosmavervoer.co.za


Owner of Vosma Vervoer.

CJ Vos runs the Logistics and Transportation office. 

For compliments or Complaints

vossie @ vosmavervoer.co.za

082 854 3141

CJ Vos

Logistics Manager

More than 13 years experience in logistics management frikkie has been at Vosma since 2008

frikkie @ vosmavervoer.co.za

079 886 9330

Frikkie Theart

Logistics Manager

SW started out years ago as a truck driver and operator. He has been with vosma for years 11 years

sw @ vosmavervoer.co.za

082 454 4867

Sw van der Merwe

Logistics Manager 

Vosma Africa

Herman has been a truck driver for years. He recently joined the operations team at Vosma

hermanvz @ vosmaafrica.co.za

064 850 8935

Herman Van Zyl


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