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SW van der Merwe

Logistics Manager

SW started out years ago as a truck driver and operator. He has been with vosma for years 11 years

sw @

082 454 4867


Herman van Zyl

Logistics Manager 

Vosma Africa

Herman has been a truck driver for years. He recently joined the operations team at Vosma

hermanvz @

064 850 8935


CJ Vos

Owner of Vosma Vervoer.

CJ Vos runs the Logistics and Transportation office. 

For compliments or Complaints

vossie @

082 854 3141

Frikkie Theart

Logistics Manager

More than 13 years experience in logistics management frikkie has been at Vosma since 2008

frikkie @

079 886 9330

021 982 4203

Accounts : Christoff Coetzee  accounts @

Debtors Clerk: L. Bosch lourissa @

Creditors Clerk:  Y. Bosch yolande @